Hayat Al Fahad ” Its very hard to write for old themed shows “


Having finished writing the text of the new Turkish “saleswoman Alnge”, which took a long time drama series, initiated artist able Hayat Al Fahad work a few days filming with director Shaalan Dabbas ago.
In this regard, said the artist’s life cheetah: “The traditional business writing difficult and very tired, and requires a great effort of research, and so the series took me nearly two years to write, was emptied of it only at the start of filming.”

Cheetah and pointed out that the series offers viewers a new story never any one touched by her within the framework of traditional drama, as it carries many social and humanitarian issues in a heritage template purely as Agod in the depths of his characters, emphasizing constant desire to diversify its work in this the field.
She said the figure, “saleswoman Alnge” has never been addressed in traditional drama even more, as presented in a very superficial, “and here we are monitoring the lives of those who work in this profession, through the woman confronted the harshness in her life and even in the climatic conditions of the severity of summer heat the bitter cold in the winter, all in order to provide a living and a decent life for their families. ”
And it embodies the cheetah role in the series, a woman from a wealthy family, the daughter of the family, but the circumstances force them to sell Alnge (boiled chickpeas), where the struggling difficulties of life upon it, suffering and circumstances that passed by, through this honest work “Alnge sale”.
And messages broadcast by this work, cheetah indicate that carries a lot of social issues, and offers many of the values ​​and messages, through the principle of reward and punishment, suspicion and jealousy, hatred, and hatred and stubbornness, and the preservation of the graces, how much of the village heaped upon her bounty and bestowed upon them of grace, and not arrogance on others. Said Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah bless him “grow from humiliation to the people”, and there are such well-known Arab “What goes up must come down.”
And the cast, Fahad said: “shares my tournament companion path artist leading and able Mariam Saleh, in addition to a group of adults and the young stars Mohammed Jaber, Salah Al Mulla, Ali Gomaa, modern Zamil, Hind Al Balushi, Ghadeer Sabti, Lulu Mulla, Abdul Mohsen Qaffas Mohammed gestational, Nawaf star, Rima Fadalah. ”
The date of the series will be in the next Ramadan, the channel “or as that,” a production of the Technical Group (on behalf of the artist Abdul Ameer).
On her return to the production of TV drama, cheetah confirmed that it moved away from this field to concern Championship Series to other producers, but it will inevitably lead to production after the next Ramadan, an act of heroism, and not a requirement to be authored, and will be presented outside the Ramadan season.

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