Wessam Henna shooting Love and Haram


Portrays Sam Hanna (s) are currently three series at once, part of which will be in Ramadan and the other part outside. One of these works is «Sacred» (writing Firas Gibran and directed by Elie Maalouf) along with Joel Dagher, and will be released next week on lbci channel. Hanna plays the role of a young man being betrayed by his lover, tries to revenge them and marry her friend, which re-shuffle the deck.

Says Hanna’s «News» that «Sacred» highlights «Halal and Haram issues in our society. Between love and betrayal will follow soap opera full of conflicts. » He adds: «currently filming the series« the scenes of the city »(written and directed by Ghada Eid Osama Praise), an Arab Lebanese work reveals scenes of realistic stories about money laundering actually occurred in our country. I’ll be the guest of honor in the series currently expected out of the race Ramadan. She will play the role of the ovary funds, and work a lot of Action and scandals ».
It seems that the star of the series «Women’s Love» (directed by Philip Brown and written by Mona Taya) very much counting on a dramatic third project, which Satal through it. In «I wish» (Claudia Mrchillaan written and directed by Philip Brown) who currently portrays and displays in the month of fasting, plays Sam «new role Ali, and probably will surprise people.»

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