Review : “Place in the heart” Drama from UAE!


From the heart of the city of Al Ain beauty and splendor of its location, production and imaging wheel began to spin, in preparation for the season Ramadani track work dramatic and strong competition, and here is the series «a place in the heart» dig him a place on the map of Ramadan, surrounded by the eyes of cameras and lenses, to made pursuant full of elite stars.
Besides creative Jaber Ngmoh, hugging technical faces Emirati counterpart, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the work deals with the era of the eighties and nineties, proposing at the table Ramadan worries of reality and the community touch of romantic comedies, it brings hope to the soul, and paint a smile on the lips of viewers.

«Statement» continued with the writer and producer Sultan Neyadi, Director General of «Zabian» artistic production, to confirm that the work on «a place in the heart» is underway in full swing, pointing out that the most able to deliver the message, and the most appropriate «Tmach» for the current period taking place in the UAE .
The issue of Humor
This is the Sultan Neyadi, as usual, holding his hand, pen and paper, and rotating them between the alleys and streets, to monitor the phenomenon here, and another there, mixing in the raised issue with a sense of humor, and the new soap opera, said: We are in front of the work of more than Altsaguena reality, it offers Hakpti eighties and nineties everything Thmlihama of intellectual and cultural changes, the state seeks to progress and development, to show the spirit in which the whole world has embraced the environment, where it remained a friend and a brother.
The series is connected to loops, and his name Neyadi said: «a place in the heart» temporary name, and there is a great possibility to change it, it gives a high romantic connotation, while the series combines the two romantic comedy, and raises a range of issues, earmarked an important stage in the history of the state, show which simply Emirati man who loves his country and sticking out his Spirit, one of my synthesis, and output as the creator Habbo.
He Neyadi: pretend that we are the owners of a message, it is supposed to conform this letter with the concerns of the community and issues real-time, and so it was «a place in the heart» is more appropriate than others for this period, and best able to deliver the message, and we’re not a fan of Twitter outside the flock. And dashed Neyadi in his career about writing the series since late 2015, to begin filming in early February 2016, and is now in the final shooting stages, and is intended for display in the next month of Ramadan, which is produced by DMI, and holds «Zabian» executive producer task.
Participants in the series a large number of the leading technical names in the arena Gulf. In addition to the artist Jaber Ngmoh, which guarantees the name alone success of any action, the artist Huda Al-Ghanim exist in addition to the Egyptian actress Nashwa Mustafa, which are playing the role of his two wives in the series, also participate by Ahmed Ansari recreated and Rania Ali and Said Saadi and Kharaz Jassim and Yasser Neyadi and Mohammed Badi, overlooking the Arabia both Nermin Mohsen and Mohammed Ataiwaan and Remas Mansour, Oman and Saud Al Darmaki, and others.
And miss the series «Tmach» for Ramadan screen this year, despite the close relationship between him and the holy month of Ramadan, as the snack-fat appetite at the table of Ramadan, and why, he said: Stop «Tmach» temporarily, and this is due to his identity sarcastic, based on monetary issues address the downsides of society, and in my opinion that the current situation in the UAE is not likely such monetary and satirical works, the state of «Tmach» do not fit this period in terms of the way and offering.
Work difficulties, Sultan said Neyadi, that each series faces the productivity of difficulties, and the difficulty faced by the «place in the heart» is finding filming locations similar to those written in the script on paper, in the form of houses that carry certain features, but was overcome all therefore, to show work best picture.

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