Shahad Yaseen ready to shoot ” Al Dairah “

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Emphasizes the artist saw Yaseen said Kuwaiti stars representing the base engine of the drama in the region, stressing that a single star means all technical disciplines, as indicated in a statement for the day. Yaseen says the star saw at the beginning of her speech. It began a few days ago in Dubai filming the new series of the Gulf circle led by Kuwaiti director Hamad al-Badri, the series produced by and starring actor Mohamed Serafi The tournament Qatari star Gave Hussein addition to Mishari FAQ and Shahab jewels and how much the last of the stars. And goes on: new work, go into a new area of ​​social implications, and raised much of the transparency and depth, as well as high professionalism in visual processing, cross-footprint outstanding director Hamad al-Badri, who always promises a high level of technical professionalism, which exploits filming scenes of the series in the city of Dubai to give experience aesthetically dimension, and leave the talk about the details of the work until the presentation, where he holds the technical surprises, in particular, on a personal level that I am.

And about filming in Dubai said the artist saw Yaseen: First Gulf drama complement each other, which I mean the Gulf drama, is currently experiencing a lot of movement, whether in Kuwait or the United Arab Emirates, and also in Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the region, and this movement comes in favor of Gulf TV drama, and we are not here to compete or conflict exhibition, a competition to achieve the wealth of experience of dramas in general.
And goes on: I have had the privilege to work in many of the business, over the past five years, the area from Kuwait to the rest of the region, and did not feel for one moment that I am curious here or there, everyone Are, and all colleagues, and experience complement each other.
And stresses: What I can emphasize it, the Gulf drama occupies advanced position on the Arab level, and now the Arab viewer, everywhere, always looking forward to see the Gulf drama which represents well and also a gateway to spread, and this is what is visible today in many film and art festivals, where Pat Gulf artist occupies his position and stature next to the Arab artist.
It says as the themes and issues addressed her Gulf drama department, a lot of production has seen, and so it’s a technical processing level, which is not less than the quality or value of all the drama around the world, and I can say that the drama that will spread in the next stage, is the drama Gulf, after the spread of the Turkish drama, and before the Egyptian, the next time the Gulf drama is time to have the ingredients of a real art to spread.

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