Arab young actors made themselves noticeable!


It has emerged in the last period a group of young stars drama who were able to prove their presence on the art scene during a brief period where he became a demand for them big by producers because of its these young stars of the views of the charisma and beautiful presence on the screen, in addition to the enjoyment of a large fan base of young people and girls.
Of those stars who were able to draw your them a low profile during the last period Nasir Abbas, and his brother, artist Abdullah Abbas, as well as artist Powered Anzi and artist Abdullah Al Haitham and artist Young saw Abdullah and Dana Mesaieed and Mishari and Nasser Al-Dossary and Hussain Muslim Fahd Saleh and Sheikha Alaslaoui.

Emerged as the artist Cheba saw Abdullah in the past a series of television and theatrical works, most recently a play Khamis Camacho discounted Habash, also provided witnessed the series of light which was a role in which the desirability of the public, were also able testified that characterized Bstyl representative distinguishes itself from the others for the rest of the artists assets in the arena, they also belong to the artistic family where her sister is a famous young actress Leila Abdullah, it is preparing for a new set witnessed dramatic actions in the coming period.

Young Nasir Abbas artist surnamed public owner of charisma beloved as to label him the title of Justin Bieber Gulf and enjoys Nasser large fan popularity, especially teenage category, where pursuing his great passion, and gave Nasser during his artistic career, a simple set of actions that I love the audience, the last series memory of paper with Asterisk Hjon as Nasser made a series of mad love with a Moroccan artist Maysa and his theatrical drama Once Upon a Time is currently presents him play Alice in dwarfs.

Nasser and belongs to the artistic family where the young actor said his brother Abdullah, Abbas and his uncle, the artist Jassim Abbas and his cousin artist Mohammed Abbas.

It is the young artistic faces that have emerged in recent times, Abdullah Haitham artist who enjoys a beautiful view on the screen and was able to be brought out strongly and prove its capacity of representative through a series of war hearts which is now showing, as Abdullah Haytham gave another group of works that followed the public ones neighbor moon and Ashovkm It is the best of the young artists that awaits them a big future in the drama and children’s theater.

And able young artist Powered Anzi to become a star children during a brief period where the series has provided a safe Roihh paradise with artist able Souad Abdullah and later broke into the children’s theater with actress Hind Al Balushi and made a play Noor dark and she was able to draw attention to it because of its great acceptance among the public children .

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