“Between Mothers in Law” new drama on MBC 1


«In the world is one thing better than a spouse, is the mother», if this old popular saying a lot in life, and demonstrates the applicant parent site when her children, it does not apply to the case of «good», a mother who has raised four young men left and accepted that control their wives them in the Gulf of social drama «between Alknayan» which presents for the first time exclusively on MBC1.
The story starts from the home of «good», strong and wise women, who escape from reality in their own way, because it did not bear the idea that abandoned her four children, and move to live with their wives away from her, as well as the wives of her children, her friends considered Alldodat.

Writer Ali Aldohan describes the work as «light comedy, which brings the laugh Baldmah through a combination of tragedy and funny situations, especially those that occur between good and Knadtha». And it sums up the story by saying that «Zahra Arafat lead character a woman who moved away from her four children forcibly because their wives control, so it was decided that the gathering at the family home, and leave what then gets a surprise to the public», adding that «Flower offers completely two different stages, looks in the first old neglect themselves, and turn in the second stage to the woman care of herself and make the wives of her children living in deprivation. » Actress Zahra Arafat considers that «personal (good) in the new Ali, I have never submitted at least in the last ten years due to Ansrave to provide bleak figures and gloomy», noting that the role «is a woman of evil gathering and goodness in a different mold, and experiencing life developments and transformations which moves between the realistic and logical illogic stage to stage, and completely changed their actions and leave the viewer the opportunity to follow the life of this woman’s crazy mind ». Commends the work «does not offer absolute evil or absolute good, and away from the comedy-Fi.»

If the work in the president’s plan revolves around her strong personal authoritarian mother (good), and their relationship to the four her children, Ahmed and Mohammed Badr Fahd, the lives of these children, the details take an important area of ​​work and is spared the developments and events dramas interesting, especially because they are living with their wives who Athmhn mother of stealing her children, tell them they love them Besbbehn. Ahmed is married Hur, and has two daughters of them, Ahmed Mohammed, a twin living abroad, and the Badr Fmtzoj of date, married and Fahd of India’s school, and they have a son blind. Complicated business events, while it was decided a good marriage of her son Badr because his wife deadline can not have children, and at the same time you want to Badr to marry a cousin in Saudi Arabia, which belongs to a wealthy family in order to help them to expand commercial projects, combining good sons and Knadtha before traveling one day, and no one He knows what it intends, everyone is surprised when they arrive at the family home of a woman to enter them, all things are turned upside down.

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