Boushahri is proud of the success he had!

محمود بوشهري

Boushahri proved to marital happiness, spontaneously, as the face of his wife, through his personal account on «Instagram», a message of emotions, containing thin lyrics full of love and appreciation, in response to a birthday Ahtvaiha, saying: «sweeter cake of the sweetest girl in the world, God does not deprive me managing »!
Boushahri and received a large number of congratulatory phrases, led by a letter from his brother, artist Mahmoud Bushehri, and other broadcast to his friend, the writer Fahd A’eoh, as well as his friends and colleagues in the artistic community and a gathering of his fans in Kuwait and abroad, on the occasion of Eid birthday, which gave him additional happiness that spring enjoyment broad mass base across the Arab world, its effects appeared in a number of received messages of greeting.

At the level of dramatic, Boushahri expressed that he is very happy reacting that reap these days through the «love muslim» the other, a new soap opera drama which is now showing on the screen «mbc» From Bags Hawari Directed and written by Adel Al Jabri, the production of «morning Pictures ». He participated with Boushahri in the tournament gathering of artists, including steadfastness, Basima Hamada, Abeer Ahmed, Shahab Haji, pointing out that he feels a great responsibility lying on his shoulder, after his success in his previous works, which invited him to care deeply that provides businesses gain audience admiration and that is a measure of confidence that gave her audience.

In a different direction, Boushahri ready to work again with director Mohammed Daham al-Shammari through a series «black day», expected this work to be one of the surprises the next session of Ramadan, and retain for himself the details of the work, apologizing for not to talk about his role until the shooting starts.

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