First drama meeting for the Kuwaiti actors.


On the instructions follow directly from the Minister of Information and Minister of State for Youth Affairs Sheikh Salman Al-Hamoud Al-Sabah, The Ministry of the media for the first time in its history Forum first domestic drama during the coming period, it has launched preparations for an operation on all the different levels.
It is prepared the founding committee of the forum, and some media leaders in the TV drama, made several official address technical, inter alia, the Higher Institute of Dramatic Art, Artists Guild of Kuwaitis and others.

The idea of ​​the forum was launched through what ails domestic drama of difficulties in several respects, particularly the state’s interest in the position on the support of festivals, theater and culture at the expense of the lack of festivals or forums concerned with affairs of the local dramatic, thus crystallized the idea completely and have been approved by the Minister Hamoud.

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