Qatar TV will produce a massive series in Ramadan!


heikh Abdulaziz Al Thani, Director of the Qatar TV detect prepare TV drama series historic huge for presentation at the next Ramadan, stressing that the advancement of the drama at the top of the TV, denying that TV Mjavia art drama or an exhibition with him but he wants to make the drama as it should be, it is not logical that currently we see from the texts of dramas depicting the Gulf and its people depiction stranger its exaggerations are not acceptable to the mind is not approved by actually texts became refined and traditional ideas module and as if they were clones of each other as they come to rely on exaggerations unacceptable which is not with him must pause re with the drafting of form and content.

His Excellency Sheikh Abdul Aziz al-Thani during a ceremony honoring the staff for their tireless efforts during the year 2015 and in the activities of trail seeking the TV drama growing role grew valued and exploited by many developed countries in the economic promotion and tourism her, Valdrama soft power and are instrumental and its impact charming intercontinental and not Turkish drama far from us, when done well Turkey to use drama returned them well for the tourism, the economy and other aspects that have served the community and contributed to a lot of gains to him, and so we want to walk can be achieved without setting a full vision of what we offer to the public to serve the vision of Qatar renaissance and promoted at all levels.
He added that the choice of texts has become a matter of urgency, and the writers and authors of the drama that excel themselves and provide ideas for unconventional and Anaqboa in heritage is subject to a lot of anecdotes scalable and inspiring creativity, and the present as well as an open prospects plenty to the imagination of fertility and they stand to actually Istntqgua fantasy real creations It revives the art of drama and serve the community and happy souls and add to the beauty of values ​​and what contributes to changing people’s lives for the better.
Institutional system
TV director explained that the development, which was launched several years ago television began paying off and people see the change on the screen for the better, but we still have a long way to go to get to the summit, which we would like them so I hope you understand the viewers what we are making in this regard to offer them whatever pleases them in form and substance and that be patient with us until the development up to what is recognized in their eyes and be happy with their hearts.
He pointed out that most of what has been achieved from the development work is to transform television into an institutionalized system and became a work based on the idea of ​​the team and all the workers became assimilated television that vision and saturated with the spirit of one team. Valmsour, director and producer and broadcaster, and others have become working in this framework and within that correct all the goodwill and spontaneously and automatic system. Pointing out that the achievement of this did not come from one day to the eve of it came after diligent effort and hard work, so the building was built on a sound footing, but it will continue to remain, and the development that comes to people in a hurry, the architecture in ruins too hastily.
Assorted bouquet
For his part, Samer Jaber Musharraf production revealed that the TV will be presented during the first quarter of next year, a bouquet of programs and documentaries mission, and programs to be launched by TV soon, “Muslim scholars” program, a weekly program presented Media Abdullah Albuainain highlights in each episode on one of the Muslim scholars speaks about him and his upbringing and his life and reveals the achievements that enriched humanity. So as to indicate preferred Islamic civilization to the world and to be the impetus for the current generations to complete the march and follow in the footsteps of the great ancestors in this civilized approach.
He said Samer Jaber: The other program is the “communities” is registered weekly program and speaks in each episode from different countries and their customs, culture and traditions of its people and respect thereto. Noting that there are a number of documentaries to be presented by TV soon, “cadres of the country.”
For his part, Mubarak said Awami former director of television programs and general manager of channel Al Rayyan now that TV chugging along and emboldened across the long-term plan to the goal sought by, and here it is today celebrating the success of last season and to achieve his goal at that stage. It is also working hard to join the Qatari cadres outstanding for his crew to have their interface informational country supervisor has recently included 8 of broadcasters, reporters and trained at the highest level and presented them in the Courier celebrations trail and they were as much responsibility and succeeded in reaching the public.


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