Sana Yusuf in Kuwait for an upcoming series!


Tunisian actress Sana Yusuf arrived to Kuwait within hours, accompanied by her husband, producer Amr McCain, where he held several sessions on their participation in the new serial drama. In an exclusive statement to the «politics» Sana what she said had concluded the celebration of the new Bmolodha «Yassin» even begun to regain fitness physical preparation for the new business, which offered them finally to Ramadan and outside, such as «Devil’s Gardens Part II» and »Baron», as well as some films, where he is scheduled to working to read in the coming period.

She Yusuf: I visit Kuwait together with my husband businessman Amr McCain to meet with the public, and exchange views with some of the production companies, to determine the expected cooperation between us in the coming period. To investigate the series provide Egyptian Kuwaiti.
Sana recorded two songs before the period in which collaborated with composers Mohammad Rahim and Ahmed Hussein However poets Tamer Hussein and Mahmoud Salah, prey to distribute songs Mito, and Stsourhma Sana soon, that next year will see record the rest of the songs of the album is scheduled to see the light soon.
The Sana celebrated with her husband, producer Amr McCain Bmolodha «Yassin» where he forged a great ceremony aboard the Nile and called him a number of artists.

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