Yacob Abdullah his roles out of his hand!


Yacob Abdullah during his speech for the «Al-Anba» that I like all the roles carried out but would prefer his role in the series «safe Roihh Paradise» because he led the performance different from the past, it may return to perform the role of villain or feisty, but it appears this time the role of the good bar his mother and sacrifice for others, making this unique distinctive role for him.
And a new, Jacob confirmed his participation in the series «zero hour» which is directed by Nahla Al Fahad and written by Mohammad Al-Kandari and produce technical group with the participation of a large number of artists such as Haifa Hussein and Ibrahim al-Harbi and others, and plays in which the role of the evil personality within the family and social story of a struggle for the acquisition of money and punctuated some revenge.

Also it participates in the series «between Ganayen», written by Ali Aldohan starring Zahra Arafat, Ali Kakule and Hussain Mahdi and Abdullah Altararwah and Shaila Sabt RIM mercy and longing, and plays the role of one of the children, which corresponds cruelty Baloksy and tries to take over property, confirming the existence of different special flavor distinguish each drama Series for the role of the other.
And how his choice of roles, he pointed out that after reading the text kicks off its imagination to live with the story entirety, explaining that the text is the one who determines his choice and does not review his liking, but the spirit of the story that is attracted to live with it.

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