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Shahad Yaseen ready to shoot ” Al Dairah “

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Emphasizes the artist saw Yaseen said Kuwaiti stars representing the base engine of the drama in the region, stressing that a single star means all technical disciplines, as indicated in a statement for the day. Yaseen says the star saw at the beginning of her speech. It began a few days ago in Dubai filming the new series of the Gulf circle led by Kuwaiti director Hamad al-Badri, the series produced by and starring actor Mohamed Serafi The tournament Qatari star Gave Hussein addition to Mishari FAQ and Shahab jewels and how much the last of the stars. And goes on: new work, go into a new area of ​​social implications, and raised much of the transparency and depth, as well as high professionalism in visual processing, cross-footprint outstanding director Hamad al-Badri, who always promises a high level of technical professionalism, which exploits filming scenes of the series in the city of Dubai to give experience aesthetically dimension, and leave the talk about the details of the work until the presentation, where he holds the technical surprises, in particular, on a personal level that I am.

Promo : ” Malik Bin Al-Reeb ” #Ramadan2016


Review : “Place in the heart” Drama from UAE!


From the heart of the city of Al Ain beauty and splendor of its location, production and imaging wheel began to spin, in preparation for the season Ramadani track work dramatic and strong competition, and here is the series «a place in the heart» dig him a place on the map of Ramadan, surrounded by the eyes of cameras and lenses, to made pursuant full of elite stars.
Besides creative Jaber Ngmoh, hugging technical faces Emirati counterpart, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the work deals with the era of the eighties and nineties, proposing at the table Ramadan worries of reality and the community touch of romantic comedies, it brings hope to the soul, and paint a smile on the lips of viewers.

Wessam Henna shooting Love and Haram


Portrays Sam Hanna (s) are currently three series at once, part of which will be in Ramadan and the other part outside. One of these works is «Sacred» (writing Firas Gibran and directed by Elie Maalouf) along with Joel Dagher, and will be released next week on lbci channel. Hanna plays the role of a young man being betrayed by his lover, tries to revenge them and marry her friend, which re-shuffle the deck.

Hayat Al Fahad ” Its very hard to write for old themed shows “


Having finished writing the text of the new Turkish “saleswoman Alnge”, which took a long time drama series, initiated artist able Hayat Al Fahad work a few days filming with director Shaalan Dabbas ago.
In this regard, said the artist’s life cheetah: “The traditional business writing difficult and very tired, and requires a great effort of research, and so the series took me nearly two years to write, was emptied of it only at the start of filming.”