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Qatar TV will produce a massive series in Ramadan!


heikh Abdulaziz Al Thani, Director of the Qatar TV detect prepare TV drama series historic huge for presentation at the next Ramadan, stressing that the advancement of the drama at the top of the TV, denying that TV Mjavia art drama or an exhibition with him but he wants to make the drama as it should be, it is not logical that currently we see from the texts of dramas depicting the Gulf and its people depiction stranger its exaggerations are not acceptable to the mind is not approved by actually texts became refined and traditional ideas module and as if they were clones of each other as they come to rely on exaggerations unacceptable which is not with him must pause re with the drafting of form and content.

Boushahri is proud of the success he had!

محمود بوشهري

Boushahri proved to marital happiness, spontaneously, as the face of his wife, through his personal account on «Instagram», a message of emotions, containing thin lyrics full of love and appreciation, in response to a birthday Ahtvaiha, saying: «sweeter cake of the sweetest girl in the world, God does not deprive me managing »!
Boushahri and received a large number of congratulatory phrases, led by a letter from his brother, artist Mahmoud Bushehri, and other broadcast to his friend, the writer Fahd A’eoh, as well as his friends and colleagues in the artistic community and a gathering of his fans in Kuwait and abroad, on the occasion of Eid birthday, which gave him additional happiness that spring enjoyment broad mass base across the Arab world, its effects appeared in a number of received messages of greeting.

“Between Mothers in Law” new drama on MBC 1


«In the world is one thing better than a spouse, is the mother», if this old popular saying a lot in life, and demonstrates the applicant parent site when her children, it does not apply to the case of «good», a mother who has raised four young men left and accepted that control their wives them in the Gulf of social drama «between Alknayan» which presents for the first time exclusively on MBC1.
The story starts from the home of «good», strong and wise women, who escape from reality in their own way, because it did not bear the idea that abandoned her four children, and move to live with their wives away from her, as well as the wives of her children, her friends considered Alldodat.

Kuwaiti artist Shehab Hajih finished shooting “Under Investigation”


He forced the Kuwaiti artist Shahab Hajih to enter the prison, where he portrayed a group of his new dramatic episodes «pending investigation», which finished filming, noting in a statement to «Arabiya» to his strong interest in moving between comedy and tragedy.
In this context, the Shahab Hajih said: «empty since the days of filming League in the series (in custody), who filmed some of the watch in a prison personal nature that I am, where embody the character’s father is forced to enter the prison because of a false accusation», pointing out that the series The b «ask combines comedy and tragedy Alichoiqih».

” Crime of Passion ” an upcoming Lebanese drama

New preparations began weeks ago to start filming the series «crime of passion» of the production company, Media Revolution 7 of the product is useful Rifai, writing Noor Chichakli and directed by Walid Nassif in his first dramatic experience for him, after the end of the agreement with a large number of the most important Arab drama.
Series, which will be in 2016, playing the title role in which each of the stars Qusai Kholi, Nadine El Rassi, Amal Arafa, Najla Badr, Takla Chamoun, Mona Wassef, beautiful Awad, Jesse Abdo, Andala Rowas, Mazen Medm, Talal Jerda, Firas Said, Nahla David and Nicolas flowered and others.

Promo : “Sultan And Shah” #Ramadan2016

Review : “Place in the heart” Drama from UAE!


From the heart of the city of Al Ain beauty and splendor of its location, production and imaging wheel began to spin, in preparation for the season Ramadani track work dramatic and strong competition, and here is the series «a place in the heart» dig him a place on the map of Ramadan, surrounded by the eyes of cameras and lenses, to made pursuant full of elite stars.
Besides creative Jaber Ngmoh, hugging technical faces Emirati counterpart, Saudi Arabia, Oman, the work deals with the era of the eighties and nineties, proposing at the table Ramadan worries of reality and the community touch of romantic comedies, it brings hope to the soul, and paint a smile on the lips of viewers.

Review : “Blooded Tear” series of poet success!

Receiver Live : The series Nomad “red teardrop” events around the Prince and the late poet Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Sudairy, who famously Bashgah literature and folk poetry, horses and rare birds life.

The story quotes the work of his poems, where is the story of love and loyalty unimaginable beats the death mixed with horses and night and poems.

Serial production of Hijjawi Foundation and wrote the fulfillment of the firstborn, and helmed by Hossam Hijjawi, which is approximately between poetry and the word and adoration, and represents the story of an Arab desert wriggling in the wind.

Legendary Abdullah Abdulaziz is back to the big screen again

Artist Abdullah Abdulaziz back to the screen of the gate Gulf drama «Retag», Abdullah is the latest entrants to the family of the work of the series, which will be filmed in the next few days, and the series is written by the writer Ismail Abdullah and directed by Ahmed Jacob, and the story is adapted from a novel by Hamad Al Hammadi, will present the series next Ramadan .

Amal enters the history by “Samarkand” TV series

The artist keeps the star Amal Ramadan on its presence within the chain through business brought to it, especially as it has become an interface in dramas, which proved its superiority and its success is its people to reap the many titles along the lines of the best Arab actress Chehrramadan in 2014 and 2015. This came after the glory in their roles, most recently the Arab drama series «brothers» Where Bdzoah swept charisma that characterizes the yard representation.